My name is Vlad and that's my personal website, which is mostly used as pathway to another resources. Here is quick summary of me: I am part of the team, working at variety of projects all over the country, providing services related to controls around the financial reporting process, including financial business processes and IT management controls. I always find it fascinating how IT has spread into all areas of our day-to-day life and I feel more than happy to be a part of team being on a cutting edge of one of the most challenging fields along with working at one of the world's largest professional services firm.

Participating in Flickr and Panoramio - community-powered sites for exploring places through photography - is one of my passions. Most of my photos are licensed under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) (English, Russian), so if it is not stated otherwise, feel free to use ?em for any non-commercial purposes.

Another my passion is running, which I started doing in 2010 and have never regret it since. Grab your sneakers and join me in my passion!

Please note that all views expressed here are my personal.